Hi Five Eggs Family-
We are definitely in a very unprecedented time and I wanted to share with you what our team is doing here at Five Eggs and to let you know you can call or text me anytime at 303.396.4420 with any questions or concerns. Our upmost priority is your health and safety.

Additional steps we are taking:
  • You have the option of single use bags
  • Wearing and switching gloves between every delivery
  • Wearing gloves even when packing bags
  • Offering paid time off to employees to encourage them staying home if they feel AT ALL under the weather, or if a member of their household is experiencing any symptoms
  • Sanitizing all high touch surfaces every hour on the hour in our kitchen
  • Wearing gloves when bringing in groceries
  • Sanitizing all hard surfaces of grocery items that come in
Things we are ALWAYS doing:
  • Following all proper food safety guidelines, if are any industries that are well trained in hand washing, it’s the health and food industry!
  • Continuing to use our airtight/sealed packaging
  • Continuing to work with the local health department

We are fortunate to have a small staff of 3 that is taking this epidemic very seriously and staying home when not at work. We are very reassured by this as we know that it is helping us to minimize exposure to each other as well.


Again- please call me with any questions or concerns.